The simplest way to boost self-love is going on a solo date, AKA an artist date! Yes, SOLO! 💛 ✨ I have been taking myself on artist dates for over five years now, and they keep surprising me and helping me feel fabulous. They keep my creativity flowing and help me sleep better than a baby. 🥱 💤 No, they're not boring. On the contrary, I enjoyed them so much that from now on, I will be calling them Self-love Boost Dates instead. I recommend you try a SELF-LOVE adventure this week. Want some self-love date examples? Join the Sleep Simplified group to be the first to read my post with tons of solo-dates examples when it drops on FEB 14! Avocado hugs, 🤗 Monica

Posted by Monica Le Baron - Sleep💤 at 2023-02-09 23:03:35 UTC