Hi, I am Lisa, a Guide here at Guidely. Bringing my gifts to you as a Certified Angel Alchemist, Certified ThetaHealing, Certified Seraphim Blueprint, and a Certified Akashic Records Reader, a message was given to me for you today. With love and light, I asked the Divine , ArchAngels, and the Akasha for a message for you about Change. This is the message I received. “Child of mind, Mind set, for as you are made of energy , your thoughts carry them forward, hold you in a stand still or hold you back. Fearing of the futures comes from your thoughts, Change change in how you perceive, Ask for guidance of your Guides and Angles, For we are always here for you, Listen to your intuition For it is our way of guiding you Listen to your heart, not the pain and purging of all but of the purity of your divine love, For that is where we came from and what we are made of. Yes there are those that want to hold you to the past and to their journey but that is not yours. change, it is part of life, like the flow of the river, move past the rubble, the stones, the blocks and move around them Its not yours to move everyone but to move past it Let the light of Divine Love help you wash the past, flow of beauty and acceptance of you as you are now Like a changling, you are moving on within you continually Fear not the ackwardness or the uncertainty stop you. For as a seed grows in darknes, changing and growing, the light will always be within you. Know in your spiritual womb, you are loved and supported, We carry you on wings of love and joy. Allow grief to surface, allow the tears to flow, for as you go thru change you may be grieving the change of the past, Have no fear for growth is at hand. Breath is life child, Your lungs are your angel wings, Breath deeply and complete, for this allows your magic to fly! Honor your gifts, for each one of you has them Change is acceptance, Allow it to come with ease and grace. Allow excitement and wonder back in to your life For each sunrise gives promise of new beginnings And directions. We walk with you, We support and love you always Blessings Child, you are loved in your entirety" Much love and blessings to each of you!! If you need guidance, clearing/healing, please reach out for a session! Lisa J

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2023-03-02 15:55:53 UTC