Hi Beautiful hearts! I connected to the Divine and the Akasha today and asked this for you. What message is here for you in your highest love and light today? This is the message I received for you. "Oh child of mine, Of love and light We are walking with you In the darkest and times in the stormy emotions and in the platitue of change For when emotions are rising, Ask yourself is this mine? You walk wand carry such burdens at times Many are not yours. Its not yours to carry for others, It is not yours to pick up. As in taking time witness it, do not take it from them, they can not heal and move forward themselves. We all must learn to crawl and walk ourselves At times sitting down to re-evaluate and breathe Its not about how much you can carry and be the marter But what can you allow to let go for you to be the person you are Buried beneath the should haves… The I could have… Or the why did I..? Or the why me..? Let them all go! For its like a anchor dragging in the sand, Tied to you, Pulling you back as you struggle to move forward. Acknowledge it and see it as it is The past…. Let go For not only is it not yours any more, you need to be living in the Now, Not in the the past, you are looking in the wrong direction!!! Fear not the emotions that come up For as they do, Witness them Honor the feelings Let the tears flow Cleanse and release For as you do, Like a seed planted It cleanses. And nourishes Feel the new day today For that is life, today! So many blessings abound In so many ways!!! Feel deep inside and feel the seeds of hope be Divine nourishment The new dreams, the new ideas!! As a seed pushes thru the darkened soil Deep within the earth Feel the Divine light nurture you!! Feel the excitement as the earth surface breaks! Feel the wonderment of change as you emerge!! So much more to occur! How wonderful and exciting to continue to grow In your splendor!!!! Breath child, For each one is of life and of the Divine essence! We walk with you Support you and are within every part of your being!! Blessings and love to you My child Feel the light and the unconditional love!!" Blessings and love to each of you! Lisa J

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2023-03-11 22:45:42 UTC