Still in chapter one, having a bit of a sly grin to the author's critique of our inner critics. He doesn't spare the ego voice in our heads from the beginning. I might be a bit more gentle since my inner voice person is just so filled with fear and anxiety that it wants to protect me from what is mostly illusionary threat. Author's strong stance to bring the inner voice to heel, though, has inspired me to try a habit-breaking routine with mine that is gradually working. There's a space in my head that is clear of this constant chatter. Hard to explain, but when I access it, it puts me firmly in the present, focused in this case only on the screen in front of me and the process of typing these words. It's quite relaxing to just be here without all the inner noise. I can't maintain it always, of course, but now that I know I can pause in the present, I can do it again. Quite nice!

Posted by Joanne Sprott at 2023-03-19 16:55:29 UTC