Emotional Independence What Is It? In my experience, it’s a no-need, no-trade relationship. And it’s an unconditional love practice. How to Get There Self-love first, loving detachment second. This path is not easy to walk: we think we have needs; lots of people need us! We can help them heal more deeply if we don’t just fulfill their perceived needs, but instead teach them about self-love and the emotional independence that follows. Let’s get down to a very brief overview of the practice. * Know your own inner (and outer) beauty and dwell in it. * Heal the regrets and banish the worries to live in peace in the present. * Say “no” and still love and be loved without conditions. * Say “yes” to relationships free of conditions and access the deepest happiness that follows through “thick and thin.” * Every change of brain takes practice; make emotional independence a practice and your brain will follow. The greatest independence of all, this is, and the gateway to true compassion for others as well. Looking for a bit of shepherding from someone who has been through this healing process and come out the other side? You can check out my guide programs here: https://app.guidely.com/en/joannes

Posted by Joanne Sprott at 2023-04-17 16:55:16 UTC