Hi Beautiful hearts! Lisa here, one of your Guides here at Guidely. As a messenger and witness for the Divine, Angles and Guides, I channeled this message below for you!! Oh how I have missed all of you! I have been having difficulty with my computer and connections!! I was on retreat recently during this some of this time at Mt Shasta, blessed root chakra of the earth, and I channeled this message for all of you open to receive this. What message does this group need for their highest love and Light? “Oh child of mine of love and light You are not alone Like twinkling stars in the universe You are a collective part of something so much greater than you can realize! Yet as individual and as unique as each one TIme is infinite in so many ways- Yet live in Today In the present In the NOW! For as you do- Your dreams and goals Will be answered that Which is in your lightest light Do not live for only tomorrow For it will never come For each day has a tomorrow Feel Now Be Now LIVE! For if you continue to wait So will your dreams/goals- There is no perfect time only is now in perfection Be careful not to cast aside Dreams, for that is part of your journey Your actions today Determine your direction for tomorrow Dream Big! For you are so Worthy! Feel within For that is where your Divine light emanates from Start Today! Fear not the stumble For within that lies wisdom Wisdom from Life. Let not the stumbling prevent you From moving forward For as you crawl, You learn to walk. Be patient with yourself Be kind to yourself Love You!! For as this wisdom of your journey evolves, So do YOU!! We walk with you always! Blessings Beautiful Heart! For you are loved and supported!!”

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2023-04-18 21:02:55 UTC