So much love and support to All!!! As one of your Guides here at Guidely, I connected to the Divine, the Angles and to the Akasha for a message for you today. I asked what message you needed to know for today and this is what I received: “Oh love and light We are always here for you No matter the journey you are on Be it a simple change or a life altering one For only your journey is at hand, No one else’s. Fear not the indecision or the changes occurring For this is you moving forward Tho at times it may be painful You are releasing and walking away from the past, Finally For do not carry it with you Stop looking backwards and see where you are NOW! For that is the journey you are on This minute, This moment, This NOW! For in you heart and soul, Freedom of the ties are calling to you So strongly for Only when you move forward will you release them Do not stand in place letting their ties hold you from your journey Ask and you shall receive For since your have free will, It is your call to action that is required, We are here supporting you every moment of the way. Feel the love, Feel the support, not only on a Divine level but on the human level Reach out for support, for you are never alone. Feel the breeze caress your face, for that is movement at hand, Gentle and lovingly nudging you forward, You are carried, watched over and so supported! Love is continuous and not something you have to earn Remember that and know that its always there for you, Its within you for you are made of Divine love, Breathe child, For breath is live and it is love Blessings abound, Open your eyes and heart, think with your soul For your answers are found always there. With love and blessings, We are always here for you” blessings and love to each of you on this beautiful day!! Lisa J

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2023-04-28 16:13:35 UTC