hi beautiful ones! I connected to the Divine, Archangels, and Guides for this message for you. -I asked what do we need to help us when we continue to hold on to the past, not releasing. -They want you to shine! To Expand and be YOU!!! This is is the message I received for you with love and light. "The path moves forward Whether you want to or not Lighten your load For as you do, You move freely ahead- Look not at the past a sentence for until you do- That is turn your thoughts and actions To today forward- You will be drawn down and weighted Trading forward slowly, With pain and regrets Why? For you are of today Of love Of Divine Light Given yourself permission To let go To forgive To see clearly To Breath For until you do You carry weights and pain that is Unwarranted See you as I see you Of love Of laughter Of a Child Learning to walk each day Realize We learn, we accept We let go We forgive, Not only others But of ourselves Open to heal For as you continue to Irritate that wound It does not heal, But can fester as you stir within it… Let love and Divine Light Heal it.. Let it go.. Hands off.. For as you do The wound heals No longer fixated on it You too continue to heal And blossom Find You Yes YOU!! It is within you Within your Heart Rest and breath See the sunlight The new day break For it comes to you Each day- Filled with new beginnings and journey Awaken, glorifying love, live and You !! Fear not others, For they themselves Are on their own journey- Newness is in each day Gratitude Love, Blessings Child For we are always here for you, Shine, For this is you!!” Blessings and so much love, One of your Guides here at Guidely Community., Lisa J

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2023-05-08 06:02:21 UTC