Hi beautiful hearts and souls! As one of your Guides here. I connected to Creator Of All That Is/God/Source/Spirit, and asked for a message for you this week. This is the message I received for all of you! May you be blessed and feel the love that is within you and that surrounds you!!! "Oh Child of Mine Of love and light Don’t forget you! When giving so much to others, Or of being afraid to give, Remember you! Fill you cup, Your heart, Your body and soul with that Beautiful, Overflowing, Unconditional love! For you are so worthy You are so loved You are so bright and beautiful!! Without you being You Silly as it seems You are unique As a individual snowflake Precisely made by the Universe Creator of All That Is To be simply YOU! Your light is eternal It is always lit It’s up to you to allow it to shine! Fill your heart with it, Empty the falseness that others Push into your space Remove the torn and tattered Memories and bruises that Are long gone. Let go of resentments and anger For as you do You shine even brighter! It’s your right, Not to be earned. Simply be! As you see so much suffering around Realize that its not your journey Support in love and kindness For as you do, You spread you healing in that way Love heals wounds that are unimaginable In the soul of many Let the healing be free Allow them to open their hearts also For as they do, They shine for others also. Blessings loved one. For We are always here for you." Much love to all! Blessings, Lisa J

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2023-05-28 21:26:42 UTC