Just a few of my favorite takes: Being human isn't a punishment, or something we need to endure, or transcend. Being human is the whole point. The Body never lies *that goodness can never be lost. We can feel lost to it. But it is woven into the fabric of who we are; it's our nature. Words are the ego's favorite outfits. 'Acquire my peace within yourselves'... to focus not on worshipping him but on becoming like him. The focus on love has been obscured and replaced with fear. This path that Christ walked not because he was the only one who could walk it, but for us to see that it could be done. It's the last place we're taught to look for the voice of god, right in our own heart Anger is healing the body, as our most faithful warrior, will hold for us what we can't face ourselves. the real transformation comes in letting love reach within her where it hasn't before We've needed to learn to believe in ourselves, in our own voice, in what we know is true, even if the world around us does not confirm this truth for us that this love i've always known and desired is right here pithing me. It's the other half of who I am. The heart is like a walkie talkie Love has already won the first betrayal is every time you remain silent about what you hear in your heart. God is simply the good, which exists within, and between, each one of us

Posted by Shandell Pino at 2023-05-30 23:54:44 UTC