Hi beautiful hearts! I am Lisa, one of your Guides here at Guidely. As a messenger, channel to the Divine, I asked for a message today about Change. This is the message I received for you. "Change my child is necessary For with out it, we move no where, Everything stands still, Like a statue, Without emotion, with out flow. We are part of changing, Like a tree, continually growing, and as we do We let go If we do not, it stifles our grow and leaven nowhere for newness to come in. As the seasons come, new day New beginnings Fruit fullness, Harvest and then respite, Like the seasons, it will continue to change, Each day brings us new beginings, Fear not the change for as it can be uncomfortable, It is part of your growth The awkwardness for a teenager, The uncomfortableness of the unknowing But within these changes You continue to emerge and to blossom!! Fear not the loss for as you do shed from the past, You breath in new life and move forward, Like a snake shedding its skin, A newness emerges, Even uncovering the eyes to see more clearing Like the butterfly that comes from so much Struggle and change, the journey is so worth it!!! You are not the same as you were and rejoice in that! To evolve, To embrace, To welcome in newness To be thankful for release To love To move forward To flow To BE!!! Embrace change Welcome the uncertainty For as you do, you open up to New ways, emotions, ideas and to YOU!!! You are never alone on the journey! Listen to your heart space, Feel into what is calling you to change Know that the journey at times may be bumpy But its is not always paved and not always a known path. Feel into You!! For this is your journey, no one else’s Blessings Child for we are with you always!" Blessings and love, Lisa j

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2023-06-23 15:28:30 UTC