Sometimes, maybe a lot of times, it can feel like we never have time to stop and knit (or draw, or paint, or garden, or write, or dance). But, you really can make the time. Wonder why you don’t? Take a look back in time and see if you got shut down in your creative efforts, probably in childhood. Even well-meaning parents and teachers may have wanted you to fit in with their expectations of appropriate expression for your age or gender, for example. To open up your creative heart in all its colors again, take a leaf from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, and schedule an artist’s date for yourself. Just try it. This is an alone thing; no friend, no partner, no dog. Just time for you to write in a coffee shop, or take a pad and pen or pencil and walk in the local park to draw or write. Just allow whatever comes through to be expressed; doesn’t have to be “good” or “edited.” This is just for you to access your creative self. Let me know how your self-date turns out!

Posted by Joanne Sprott at 2023-07-06 14:51:39 UTC