Hi Beautiful hearts! Im Lisa, one of your Guides here at Guidely. I connected to the Divine today and asked for a message for you that was in your highest love and light. This is the message I received for you. “Oh love and light! DO NOT give up!! Do not lay down and concede! For it is of others choices Not yours that you are listening to!! Be of Your voice Hear Your own conviction Your own truth Your own choice For as you do You not only open up possibilities But you turn away from Low light and others negativity You are not a servant of any human You are free in You!! Cast off the verbal bondage And step into light! As the morning dew caresses the earth Fill the newness of the day And all the possibilities Caress your soul and light Rise Child For its your time to journey forward Not to the past But to Now and Onward Feel the Love For this is US here Loving and supporting you Blessings Child”

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2023-07-14 03:24:38 UTC