Hi Beautiful hearts!! I asked for a message for you today, what was needed in your highest love and light and this is the message I received from the Divine, Angels and Guides for you. “Oh child of mine Fear not the change For that is how you move forward, One step but more importantly One thought at a time, time for change In mindset for as you move forward with the same thoughts That have held you down in the past, you are being held down. Like a radio station that you know all the work and the tune, Time for change, To open up for new light in your life. Change the thoughts, The mindset follows. We are here loving You Each step of the way Regardless of your journey. Start now, Little changes become bigger and the flow becomes constant Like faucet gently dripping, Embrace those new thoughts and ideas For that is the nourishment of Your soul The flow will start and the drips become a stream No worries if you feel stagnent, for when you are, it demands changes in how you perceive what is going on Fear not change for it is constant, No change is a change indeed Make a choice, Continue and see how it aids you in moving forward, One idea, one thought, one action It all makes a difference Do not worry of making the correct one, follow your heart and intuition For that will lead you in the direction you need to go Blessing and, love, For we are always here for you.” much love, Lisa J

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2023-07-21 01:34:38 UTC