We receive messages in many ways. Some are subtle and some are very obvious. How do we tell? We need to be become more aware of what we are receiving, seeing, experiencing and feeling in our every day life. For some, it may be repeated words or phrases, Some see repeated number combinations and for others it can be what they are seeing. It could be animals, feathers and more. Each can carry a symbolic meaning for you. Why is this important? It is the way our Divine, Guides, Creator, Angles and more are giving us messages. These message are alway in your highest love and light, not harming you but to guide you for your best to shine YOU!!! I receive many messages in many forms and from practice and connection to the Divine and my Angles. When I first stared out, I was drawn to phrases that helped me through the days and in may ways in my darkest days, emotions, confusion, no self confidence and more... I want to share with you these that carried me through these tough times, and many were very traumatic times as I move forward. They helped me and reminded me of the awesomeness of life, what is possible, and too have faith!! "Begin Again" Each moment, each day we are given the chance to begin again. With free will given to us, we can choose agin!! As we do, we can begin again!! Sounds simple and somewhat corny, but it can be a game changer!!! Think of this, we can all be given the same ingredients to make a cake from scratch. If not measure correctly or use the correct ingredients, we can produce something not what was what we wanted or what is is good. But, we can start over again, selecting the correct ingredients, and we can make changes!! We can also have an end result that is not what we expected but just what we needed, the perfect combination for us at that time!! How awesome!! If we never started, restarted, we would have never had that experience or out come!!! No matter what happened yesterday, you have the choice today to do what you want in the manner what is in your best! Try! Make choices! Start anew! Small steps matter!! Redo! Regoup and redo!! Simply Begin Again!!! The Divine did not give us Sharpies that are permeant but pencil and eraser to make changes!!! Start sketching now!!! It makes a difference and you matter!! This is Your Journey!! You have this!!! "Begin Again!" blessings and love, Lisa J

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2023-07-28 01:45:48 UTC