Last week, I ran a webinar designed to give people hope, reassurance and a clear path forward during these turbulent, messed-up times. I explained what's happening Energetically and the choices we were being asked to make. Plus, your role at this time. To make this content accessible to everyone, I have put it on YouTube. We have an immense tragedy unfolding at the moment. And this is it... Some people are so overwhelmed and distressed by what's happening at the moment that we see them deciding to leave the earth. And that breaks my heart. Or, in a milder form, they are opting out of life by engaging in distractions, which is also tragic. At this time, we need good people to do good things. I know Guidely is doing its bit by connecting us and providing guidance, and I thank @Shannon, @Amir Glogau, our Guides and all the people who make this possible. And you for reading this. So, please share it with anyone you think will help. Also, once you've watched it, let me know your thoughts. I want to hear your experience. With love & kindness, Nick x Here's the video

Posted by Nicholas (Nick) Haines at 2023-09-17 10:15:24 UTC