A channeled message to you from the Akashic Records and your Angels. "Oh child of mine Know when loss is now, Its not only of death of ones physical body But it is a death of what you are No longer of The lesser of you, The traumatized of you The shunned of your spirit, The hurts and pain from the past now enables you, Should you choose to release it To be you in your now In today, Stop looking at behind you For as you do, you miss the glory of today The preciousness of today The gift of today! we walk beside you as each moment occurs, Choose now! As the northern hemisphere witnesses the embracing of fall The harvest and the letting go of the past, Rejoice in you!! Feel into the bounty that is you! The success The changes The growth!! Embrace the change that is occurring, Let the sadness be released, Allow the pain and Grief to be processed and released, Allow love to fill your heart!!! As you do, feel you expand! This is You!!! Embrace this time, For it is so important to allow what does to serve you go And welcome the bounty of where you are today!!! Blessing and love to you You are not alone You are loved and supported!"

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2023-10-03 02:49:08 UTC