Happy New Moon in Libra! I hope some of you also got to see the Annular Solar Eclipse yesterday. The New Moon is a time of release and renewal, and in this case, accompanied by an eclipse for added incentive to release what isn’t working for us. Every New Moon I re-do my sacred space. This month, I'm into the Water element (ergo, the blue-green scarf with a bit of white for whitecaps) for Scorpio’s upcoming month with the Sun. My fav archangels are represented by the dark green (Raphael) and dark blue (Michael) pyramidal crystals. I also love my new jade wand (feels very good to hold). On the big box, the Butterfly stone calls on me to allow a transformation in this coming month. The rune stone on the box is Sowuli (Sun), which assures me of power to reach my goals. I keep two gnomes in residence, Voltaire (the larger) and Magus (smaller but mighty!) that my friend Jen made. I pull a card daily from a non-Tarot oracle deck. My new perspective comes from The Fool’s Items Oracle from 78Tarot. The Bones has a great message about the persistence of ourselves after death and the importance of creating a positive legacy. My weekly deck for readings is the Universal Waite Tarot. Today’s message is to know that we are all innocent (Fool), and can leave behind minor chaos events of the day (Tower), and rely on help from others (6 of Pentacles) to keep moving in a new direction.

Posted by Joanne Sprott at 2023-10-15 18:15:33 UTC