Happy Halloween for those into the old magics! And blessings for the upcoming All Souls and All Saints days, and of course the celebration of Santa Muerte. I’m using the Santa Muerte mini deck for this little reading today. Ironically positive in all its skeletal glory, this deck has a transformative message for us. It’s all good, says The World, just center yourself around the eternal Now that is beyond time, beyond death. Santa Muerte provides a smooth path to this awareness since she is the master of the great Transition. Take this day to try out new love (potions?) with the Page of Cups, and swing into a new creative project (or costume!) (Page of Wands). Time for letting go of dark and light to embrace All That Is. Pause. Breathe. Listen. Know. Spark.

Posted by Joanne Sprott at 2023-10-31 16:30:01 UTC