📣 Community Volunteer Needed! Read below👇 Have you ever experienced a therapy session with a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner? This live one-on-one session will allow the audience to actually watch a session where they will observe how it differs from conventional therapy sessions. Expect the following: * beginning the session with a blessing * the Practitioner holding a space for the client of unconditional love, safety, support, confidentiality * questions are asked by the Practitioner that will lead to greater insight around the intention set by the client * there is a realization by the client that it's all “an inside job” and they have everything within to do the work * homework is given that can become the foundational piece for daily spiritual practice * the Practitioner “prays out” and the session is completed. If you would like to be coached 1:1, live, by the incredible Karen Mills-Alston, please send me a direct message with your intention for the session. Thank you! 🙏

Posted by Guidely at 2022-03-18 20:11:12 UTC