👀 Yesterday's post was all about the budding plants and chirping birds of spring... but we all know growth isn't all sunshine and flowers... Let's talk about infamous "mud season" that accompanies Spring, shall we? 👇 In the context of personal transformation, we can think of mud season as the potentially unpleasant, yet often short-lived, "messy" part of healing and growth. It's the muck you kind of want to avoid, but are willing to walk through in boots that you can hose off before you go inside. Our Guides are here to help you navigate the mud, stay present with the sun, and are compassionate witnesses to your unique and personal journey. 🌟 If you're ready to receive support in navigating both the muddy and sunny parts of healing, book a concierge call with Co-Founder, @Shannon - she is an expert at understanding where you are, where you'd like to be, and matching you with the perfect Guide to support your journey. #neverwalkalone

Posted by Guidely at 2022-03-21 15:33:37 UTC