I am so grateful for this community. Sometimes as a deeply empathic woman, I forget the beauty of life and am plunged into sadness or fear. Not unusual these days with the world still vibrating from a paradigm that we do not support at Guidely. I have been told to let the feelings play out, that all is truly well and that I am releasing the old memories, regrets, and pain accumulated from a past when I did not see love and joy as the truth of life. To change we have to allow these feelings to flea and make room for light. It is not easy for a sensitive person as we feel and sense so much more because of our inborn neurology. Having this community behind me and a place to be this honest lightens the load when these feelings come. My hope is that many will show up that want a safe place to build their optimism and capacity for love. It has helped me to not be so alone when most people I know will never understand the journey I walk. 💝

Posted by Diana Hartley Empath/HSP Guide at 2022-04-01 12:56:57 UTC