What is something that would bring you deep joy, fulfillment or satisfaction? Is there a goal that you have been "somedaying" for a while now? How would achieving that goal enrich your life? Let's set some goals together for the week! Here are some helpful tips: 📍Specify in detail the outcome of achieving your goal, and what needs to shift to achieve it. 📈 Measure the tangible changes on your way towards achieving your goal. What evidence will tell you that you are on your way to achieving the goal? ❤️ Have kind expectations! Is this goal achievable? There is a fine line between stretching to achieve a goal and asking too much of yourself. ⏳Set a timeline! When would you like to have this accomplished? How much time do you need to set aside each day to meet that goal? 💫 Working with a Guide is a great way to set deeply transformative goals, create realistic expectations, and visualize a clear map of the journey ahead. Our Guides are experienced in many areas of growth, transformation, and healing - schedule a complimentary concierge session with @Shannon today to find the perfect Guide to support your growth.

Posted by Guidely at 2022-04-04 19:29:37 UTC