Thank you for your transparency, Tom. This is why I am falling in love with our guides. Often, guides and experts do not share their issues or pain and they present solutions that make us feel terrible if we don't get it and get it right away. We are patient and caring here at Guidely because we know we are all human and telling you our trials helps everyone know they never really walk alone. I am proud of you, Tom, because when my stuff comes up, I often don't know how to release it. I just let it pass hoping it will pass and not stay as it did in the past. Today, I had such great resistance to changing a core belief that my back almost went out. I knew what it was and now I am pampering myself, not pushing to create the best videos every seen on social media or trying to understand how to do enrollment calls because the class showed up today and like a good soldier force myself to listen to it and do the assignment. No, today I am done. I am learning to love myself and my little girl and trust God (my term) that everything will come in the right timing and that I am loved unconditionally, even when things seem out of my control. I am more important than pleasing anyone outside of me. Thank you again, Tom, for opening this most important topic.

Posted by Diana Hartley Empath/HSP Guide at 2022-04-04 21:17:31 UTC