The way I feel and express faith is by having a relationship with the unseen and unknowable. I follow my deep body knowing and what I call ‘hits’ or the moment when my body pendulum says ‘yes’. I follow faith when the energy that presents itself as the prime archetype for my monthly Women’s Circle announces itself. For the month of April the group that joins me will be traveling with Neptune! Each member receives a personalized natal chart reading focused on both natal Neptune and transiting Neptune along with some prime aspects. Around mid-month I send out a short support video for the group that can include a practice, a pick-a-pile card draw, some myth or story-telling based on the energy, questions, happenings and feedback from the group. Then on the final Friday of the month we gather on zoom to share, be witnesses and unpack. This month we gather April 29 at 7pm central. How far each group member steps in is individual to her wants and needs in a given month. If you feel called to join us get signed up here! I look forward to you joining us! I would also love to hear how the community members experience, feel or move with faith. 💛

Posted by Amiee Elizabeth at 2022-04-07 18:32:57 UTC