Have you ever noticed, and maybe it's just because I am an empath, that my sensitivity gives me realizations many times a day, some delightful while others seem like a repeat performance of difficult feelings that used to take me down. As I have grown in awareness and consciousness, my lessons come faster and perspectives that worked yesterday to deal with the hard stuff don't always work today. Deeper and deeper we go. I can tell you I am not crazy about the feeling of abandonment, heartbreak, anxiety, or helplessness returning after days of feeling like I have overcome them. But what I have learned is that as terrible as they can feel (my ego thinks I should get over it once and for all, ha!) I have to feel them and let them go. I have heard time and time again from multiple sources that we must feel our feelings even when it feels we are drowning in them after much personal growth. I now believe that they are only coming up to leave and allowing me to be more authentic. Each episode teaches me more of what I want to offload and opens spaces for happiness. Can I just get a break and be Tinkerbell for a few days in a row? I keep searching for my magic wand but so far I haven't found it.😆

Posted by Diana Hartley Empath/HSP Guide at 2022-04-10 18:23:09 UTC