#gratitude I am officially 6 months Cancer-free today! (And on a very auspicious astrological day) I did a journey with Stage 1 Breast Cancer this summer. I am so deeply grateful for life. For my medical team that were both Western and Alternative medicine (I am a big believer in both), my family, support structures, and my Prayer Warriors. Most of all grateful to the Divine Mother for holding me, and to where my soul was at the time. I wouldn't have ridden that wave so gracefully without having done years of soul work, and because I work with mentors. I know without question that this was one of my soul's greatest teachers and that I was meant to experience this so that I can be of greater service. I am still sitting with the details of that. But what I can say is that if you are in a journey with cancer or a cancer thriver/survivor and you would like a soul companion and witness, I am here. My intent is to do that work as an in service/complimentary offering.

Posted by Dina Tibbs - Soul Guide at 2022-04-12 18:44:16 UTC