I am soaking in gratitude this morning. Yesterday evening I had the chance to participate in an event for the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that dissolved my edges further and left me floating in a sea of wholeness. As I snuggled down at the end of the day to an enthusiastic thunder storm I smiled to myself about how Life will hold us when we ask it. Spirit is incredibly ethical. It will helped when asked and constantly is giving us signs that it is listening! Jupiter(Zeus) was throwing lightening through the deluge that Neptune was calling down from the sky. Can’t make it up! As Mars prepares to make his dive into Pisces where he is not in his best action taking form, I prepare for a minor return in my chart. Mars in Pisces😏 is a challenging placement. One wants to takes action and often cannot find their way through the watery expanse. So for now, I will soak in the gratitude. Mars you will get to Pisces soon enough🌊🔥 Want to learn more about how to work with the cosmic energies? Join my Archetypal Astrology group and bring your questions✨😉

Posted by Amiee Elizabeth at 2022-04-13 11:26:09 UTC