🤓One panacea of a molecule that can: - regulate BMI - dilate blood vessels improving cardiovascular health - lower inflammation - provide a potent antiviral defense - improve blood and oxygen delivery to the brain - produce ATP in your mitochondria for healthy cellular functioning and energy - support healthy blood sugar and insulin sensitivity - support healthy blood pressure And so much more! What is it? ⭐️If you guessed Nitric Oxide... you would be right =) And where in the body is it produced the most? In your nose! But in even greater amounts in your paranasal sinuses. And ALL you need to do to help the body produce more is engage in very intentional nasal breathing (which IS of course the healthiest form of breathing, and can work wonders for regulating mood, focus, levels of stress, digestion and overall nervous system functioning). 😍Now, want to get 15-20X MORE nitric oxide than what you would get from nasal breathing alone?! Of course you do. And the way you do THAT is by humming (yes, I said HUMMING) on the exhale. In addition to stimulating the production of more nitric oxide, humming is also a GREAT way (one of many to be discussed) to increase vagal tone in the body, which allows the nervous system to remain calmer and more stable. A fun way to play with this further is by incorporating it into a breathing practice. The example here given is 4-7-8 breathing popularized by Dr. Andrew Weil for calming the nervous system. Inhale for a count of 4 seconds. Hold for a count of 7. And exhale WHILE HUMMING for a count of 8, and do so for 2 to 5 minutes. Give it a try and see the changes it starts to produce with daily practice. 🤗Now... If you're interested in other great ways to incorporate breathwork for overall health. Want to take part in LIVE guided breathwork sessions followed by Q + A. And you want to learn MANY MORE different tools and practices for better regulating stress, improving mood, and creating a more balanced nervous system with support from a community of others similarly looking to do the same and lift one another up... Then DEFINITELY join the group on Nervous System Regulation here: https://community.guidely.com/groups/TOMJASINSKI2 Looking forward to seeing you on the inside, talk soon! 🙏😊

Posted by Tom - NeuroArkitect Guide at 2022-04-19 18:22:17 UTC