hi everyone! So excited to be a part of the guidely community. What a beautiful and safe space to connect !! If anyone is willing, I'd love to share where I'm at and see if there are thoughts on how I might path forward. I'm currently a full time working mom (actually as a community lead at another wellness company) and feel the Lord calling me to disciple other christian women. I have a background in digital marketing, relationship management (PR), program management + an ever growing motivation to serve other women. I'm on a faith driven journey myself to refocus my life on what matters and understand how to simplify and spend my time doing the things I'd like to prioritize instead of just running on auto pilot and living unintentionally. I'd love to "life plan" for women helping them discover their next steps and how to live for christ consciously and intentionally. Anyone have thoughts on what I could name this mission? and/or Know of anyone that could help me take my next steps forward?

Posted by kateleenelson at 2022-04-19 22:53:22 UTC