Hello Guidely Community! I am Alison, a new Guide here. I’ve felt so welcomed by @Shannon @Hannah from Guidely and @Shira at Guidely which tells me the essence of this community is open and welcoming! A little about me: I have a background in Occupational Therapy and a passion for the systems of the human body and the deep wisdom and insights they provide for us. I began my own personal development journey in 2012 when I started reading books and listening to podcasts after being introduced to the work via Network Marketing. I hired my first coach in 2013 who was an Ontological Coach which led me to enroll in a year long training program for this methodology. The word "ontology" means study of being. Ontological Coaching is about coaching to way of being, as a means of producing major shifts in perception and behavior through the spheres of language, emotions and physiology. Over the years I have studied many different coaching theories and began incorporating #spirituality in 2015. In the past few years I’ve discovered and taken a deep dive into #GeneKeys and #HumanDesign which have been a wonderful compliment as both provide a blueprint to the map of your Soul. I integrate these tools into my own personal life as well. As they say in Human Design, I am living my experiment. (I am a 5/1 Splenic Projector) In recent years, I’ve journeyed through my own Dark Night of the Soul, Hero’s Journey and Heroine’s Journey. On a personal note I am a mom to 3 (27, 17, 15) and one cute King Charles Cavalier. I love to travel and be in nature. I am quite resourceful and have been called “Siri” by friends. I’d be delighted to meet you in a discovery session. Please say hello!

Posted by Alison Skoff at 2022-04-28 20:25:36 UTC