Interested in astrology? Curious about the energy May is bringing to our lives? Would you like to have your birth chart read by Guide Amiee Elizabeth, our in-house cosmo connoisseur and host of the Archetypal Astrology group? Look no further! Amiee is hosting a workshop on Monday to give us a look ahead at May's themes through an astrological lens. She is also offering a live reading to one attendee! Here's how to enter to have your chart read live by Amiee: Send @Amiee Elizabeth a connect request, you will be notified when she accepts your request. Send her a message with these pieces of information: 💫 Your birth date mm/dd/yyyy 💫 Your birth time hh:mm PM/AM 💫 Your birth location (city, state, country) 💫 (optional) A specific theme of life or part of yourself you are seeking to understand better

Posted by Guidely at 2022-04-29 21:22:34 UTC