May is all about mental health 😊 Mindfulness is wonderful for that. Forgiveness? Absolutely incredible. But how interesting to consider how one can lead to the other. I go at length in the video I just posted in the Nervous System Regulation group but here's the cliff notes version! Mindfulness allows us to detach from the story we have come to believe is "us." To identify more with that deeper eternal presence that is in fact only watching the story of our life play out. But what is that story? Who is "Tom" if not simply the accumulation of inherited genes and memories; the early childhood experiences, wounds, joys; the programming and conditioning of life, culture, society? 95% of our day to day is actually the playing out of all those unconscious programs. We are almost entirely operating on autopilot majority of the time unless we're present and aware. The things we feel, think, do. Our actions, our decisions. Mindfulness creates awareness around that so we can become more intentional, become more the authors of our lives. But this awareness also opens the door for true forgiveness. Forgiveness of self, for we always did the best that our personal programming and conditioning allowed. We could not have acted or done otherwise than we did. As well as forgiveness of other. As they did the same. Let us not judge ourselves, our stories, nor judge others, or theirs, but instead, liberate ourselves from any guilt, shame, grief and resentment. And become architects of our own lives πŸ™β­οΈ

Posted by Tom - NeuroArkitect Guide at 2022-04-29 20:46:06 UTC