How is everyone feeling since the Solar Eclipse on Saturday to lead us to Beltane on Sunday? Did anyone celebrate Beltane and will you share? I am feeling a bit like R2D2 right now as she falls on her face and spent Beltane resting.😉🤣 The energies of an eclipse peduncle can feel restrictive, draining or like there is a lot being revealed that our egos are maybe not ready to see. Rest and up your daily dose of self care for the next couple weeks as we move towards the Lunar Eclipse on May 15-16 depending on your time zone. This week I am keeping the weekly astrology to just a few aspects. 5/2 💐🐏 Venus enters Aries sparking the new. 5/5 ☀️⚡️ The Sun conjuncts Uranus in Taurus keep your eyes and ears open for unexpected change. Pluto stationed retrograde in the early morning hours before the eclipse, he is drilling down at the Master Degree of Capricorn and square to the planetoid Haumea in Libra, also retrograde. We are of the earth and when we move against the earth we move against ourselves. The question they are asking is how can we create a more harmonious relationship with the earth?🤔

Posted by Amiee Elizabeth at 2022-05-02 00:51:20 UTC