Did you know that a premium Guidely Community membership includes access to ALL live workshops? These live events are an incredible opportunity to learn in an intimate setting, connect in real time with a Guide, and expand your network of peers within the community. Want to give it a try? Your first 14 days are free! 🎉 Speaking of events... we have an incredible workshop planned for you tomorrow! Join Guidely Community tomorrow to learn about Harmonic Living with @Dina Tibbs - Soul Guide Like nature, humans have rhythms. This workshop is designed to help you recognize and honor your rhythms and design your life around your unique energy patterns. You'll also learn how to recognize when you are out of alignment with those natural patterns and how to shift back into balance. Have questions? Comment below or message @Dina Tibbs - Soul Guide! See you soon, Community!

Posted by Guidely at 2022-05-04 21:22:45 UTC