An important part of healing is working within the realm of our nervous system state (safety/fight/flight/immobility). This is a part of us, deep within that does not use words. Our Autonomic Nervous System is located in our bodies, not in our minds. We experience it via sensations, feelings and behaviors. Animals can be beautiful partners in our co-regulation, that is helping us move into a Ventral state of safety from either a Dorsal (shut down) state, or a Sympathetic (fight or flight/heightened) state. When we are in this place, our experience of the world around us immediately shifts. Befriending your nervous system along the healing path is imperative. Do you have a pet that supports you in feeling more regulated? Or maybe a place you visit where you can be with animals? Share with us below!

Posted by Alison Skoff at 2022-05-04 12:56:42 UTC