💐🐏With Venus in Aries as of last week it can feel like the boss has come back to work after a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. She is asking us to ‘get on it and get it done’ because she and Mars are in Mutual Reception. 🌱🌕🌚This week is the second week of the eclipse peduncle that moves us towards a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse over the weekend. The waxing moon is a time that invites seed planting, growth and expansion. When the moon peaks at her fullness we release and create the energetic lines that carry the potential to come into being in 6 months time or 2 years time (both basic moon cycles). ☀️Bringing in additional flavoring, the Sun and Eros are in orb of each other in Taurus at the start of the week. This is the illumination of the creativity held in chaos. 🪐🔥Saturn and Vesta in Aquarius will also be dancing with each other to bring innovative to the structure we build to hold our inner flame and keep our Soul’s home. 📞🐏 5/10 Has Mercury stationing retrograde as Jupiter brings expansion by moving into Aries. It is starting to feel more and more like motion is ready and don’t take yourself too seriously as trickster Mercury turns inward. ☀️🐂 5/13 The Sun with conjoin with the North Node in Taurus shining a light in the direction of highest potential. 🌚 5/15 at 11:14pm central time, so adjust for your time zone, we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees of Scorpio. This may move us out of the eclipse peduncle, keep in mind the energy of this eclipse season will not find deeper release until the new moon at the end of the month. For those that are early risers we have a show going on in the dark morning sky! In the hours before the sun rises we can currently catch a glimpse of four planetary bodies in lovely sparkling alignment: Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are all visible for a time in the eastern sky. Venus is the lowest light and close to the the horizon and they stack up towards the heavens from there. Check them out in the photo below. ✨✨✨✨ Want to go deeper? Join me in the Archetypal Astrology group. Photo credit: Unknown

Posted by Amiee Elizabeth at 2022-05-09 16:30:29 UTC