Oh my Goddess, were you able to see the Lunar Eclipse last night? Here is a photo from my home, even with the city lights, it's still magical. Being in a Lunar Eclipse coupled with Mercury Retrograde, this moon may feel especially heightened. We are pushing through our inner barriers of self-doubt and invisible walls while being supported by the underlying energetic layer of love, mystery, and compassion. In my work, we penetrate the deeper layers of the subconscious mind. Often, we are being controlled by the limitations of the mind; meanwhile, we are gifted the extension of a subconscious universe. When we revisit aspects of self, we can unlock hidden walls which have kept us in a holding pattern. In a recent talk that I watched by Psychotherapist Esther Perel, I sat with compassion for myself as I flashed back as an adolescent navigating my inner world. Remembering our home shapes us, and our environment dictates how we should act and who we should be. We must unlearn these layers learned by default. I invite you to spend a few minutes in contemplation or writing to initiate a heart-to-hand connection of healing. After you read the following question, close your eyes for a moment and connect with your younger self. In Esther's talk, she asked: "What is something you grew up thinking was normal to find out later wasn't?" Maybe you thought eating dinner before dessert was absolute? Or, do you have to eat your peas to grow strong? Was your voice muted because a parent was always right? Maybe there was a "yeller" in the house, and you learned to tune them out. Now you are accused of not listening? After spending a few minutes in compassionate contemplation, what is your discovery? Now connect with your life force, place both feet on the ground, and take three conscious breaths, breathing in compassion and breathing out everything that isn't compassion.

Posted by Rebecca Prephan at 2022-05-16 15:09:16 UTC