Hope is synonymous to me with faith. Faith that there is love at the core of every being. That there is a genuine desire for wholeness in all people. That at the core and essence of each and every person is the penultimate craving for connection and safety, for acceptance, for the fullness of real, true authentic expression. The desire to be heard, seen. The denial of which, is what has unfortunately created the situations globally we now witness. Life creates experiences and conditions that create and mold people a certain way. Those experiences, wounds and traumas form and inform and reinforce certain beliefs, actions. They create the false perception of separation, from one another, and from the Earth we inhabit. But faith in our true ESSENTIAL nature drives me forward as I know that the world I see around me is only the result of beliefs that were misaligned. Our true nature is always calling us back to it. To one another. Towards wholeness. Towards ourselves. Faith inspires courage which inspires action generated from love. It personally keeps me moving forward. It keeps hope in me alive. That the hope is there, I am therefore able to act. And because I act, I can help to bring about those changes and that healing the world needs in whatever little ways I can through my own unique expression. You too, hold faith, hold hope. Know that at your core and everyone else's, is pure love. Guide yourself back to it continually, and you'll find it possible to help others do the same. Take inspired action from THAT place, and we'll create the world we want to see together, collectively, as that unified whole we always ARE.

Posted by Tom - NeuroArkitect Guide at 2022-05-17 22:59:25 UTC