I am so grateful to be able to work with this technology and be a part of this fab group! I work with empaths and highly sensitive people who long for community, recognition and healing from a world that never understood theirimportance or their gifts. Compassion, intuitive know, kindness and a desire to serve with their gifts define many sensitive people. We are heart people in a world of the intellect gone wild. It is our time to be heart change agents and help transform the world with love and kindness but we also have to learn to give it to ourselves. We must heal our trauma from being disregarded and put down and focus our innate mental gifts for the good of ourselves and others. We do not have to live in the shadows living a less than wonderful life or hide our anxiety when we are successful. That's imposter syndrome. No! We can have it all. We have to heal and learn to focus our power to manifest the lives we want.

Posted by Diana Hartley Empath/HSP Guide at 2022-02-25 15:44:52 UTC