Do you ever find yourself caught in a negative thought loop? This is known as "brooding rumination" and Guide Charles Jones is an expert at helping people free themselves from this experience."The urge to ruminate and brood can strike at any moment, taking over our thoughts when we’re commuting to work, in the shower, making dinner, or trying to get our work done. It’s intrusive and it’s unproductive. No matter how much we brood, there’s no movement toward accepting and moving on, we don’t get closer to a viable solution, and we feel worse than when we started. Before we know it, our mood is ruined and our emotions feel rawer than ever." - Guide @Charles Jones Join the community next Tuesday, May 24th for a live session with Charles for a chance to experience him apply a technique to stop brooding rumination in its tracks.

Posted by Guidely at 2022-05-19 22:47:35 UTC