Motivational Monday!😊🙏 I love this particular quote from Carl Jung. The word "privilege" especially stands out. At first impression, it implies that it's not for all. By definition, it's a "special" right. And you might think, "well SHOULDN'T this apply to everyone?" To which I say. "It does!" But not everyone does the work of going inside and peeling back all the layers of who they're NOT. Of healing the wounds. Dismantling false beliefs, self imposed limits, societal conditioning and programming. And discovering - I should say, "RE-discovering - who they ARE. What brings them joy, what lights and sparks their souls. Who they love to be surrounded by. What they love to explore, create, learn and study.❤️ It's a privilege everyone has a RIGHT to. But one not everyone receives because they did not question. They did not dig in deep. And work to allow the fullest, most authentic expression of themselves to shine though. And that DOES take courage. But it's certainly not something you need to do alone either. Have your community. Have your team. Your tribe. And dive into yourself, with their support & encouragement. Commit now. Commit TO yourself. To revealing what is and always has been underneath all those layers that life, family, our personal experiences, and society have placed over us. Because that IS the work of a lifetime: rediscovering you, and letting THAT person fully express and shine their light, their gifts, their most realest, most amazing selves!⭐️

Posted by Tom - NeuroArkitect Guide at 2022-05-23 18:54:11 UTC