A good thought, from a place of stillness, love, gratitude. And yes, it comes with practice, as all things begin on the inside, both pleasant and unpleasant, "dark" and "light". The world often teaches one, we must work to nurture the other. A good thought, then, the consequence of our commitment to our inner work.🙏 This alone can be paradise if we cultivate and nourish that inner landscape. Practice it daily, and you can recreate that emotional state no matter what occurs in your external environment. But why limit it there? A kind, good word, spoken to another. A result of a good thought. Now doubly beneficial. You bring joy to another, but equally feel wonderful in offering it. A gift of exponential return.❤️ A good deed, or in other words, a good thought and word "in action." A good deed that nourishes not only the one performing the deed, but contributes to and brings value to another, and to the collective as a whole. Is that not why we do the work we do? Yes, paradise can always be found, right here, and right now. And in finding it, we create it. And it will, with no exception, always start with you.

Posted by Tom - NeuroArkitect Guide at 2022-05-24 21:00:00 UTC