In the presence of tragedy and violence like the kind we continually witness, it's challenging sometimes to know how to process it all, how to respond, how best to show up, how to move through and integrate the constant trauma this inflicts on the collective. It can feel absolutely overwhelming and we may feel completely helpless. Feel as though all we can do is shed tears in the face of it all. But it's in moments like this that we do have the opportunity to come together as communities and offer our love. Offer our compassion. And similarly, be in a place to receive it and be held through it all. I'm sharing an article here that I found useful for any of you have children or know others who may need these tips. Though it was written in reference to the events in Ukraine, the tips for how to speak and help your kids navigate all that's happening are nevertheless useful: Secondly, Dr. April, co-founder of Peak Mind is leading a quick self-compassion break today at 2:30 PM CT at the link below: "Self-compassion is one of the most protective practices we can develop to support ourselves during difficult times." This way we can be in a place to support those around us. Our friends, our families, our communities, and the global community at large. Know that there are always others you can help, and who can help and support you in whatever way it is you best need to be supported. We need to continue to move forward from a place of sharing love and compassion, and really start healing the dysfunctions in our society that lead to such tragedy. My heart, along with all of yours, is with these families. Please reach out should you need someone to simply speak to and just hold space for you.

Posted by Tom - NeuroArkitect Guide at 2022-05-25 17:19:53 UTC