The past few days have no doubt been heavy for everyone. I myself am still personally trying to process the overwhelming sadness and grief, and the anger we collectively feel. That this kind of tragedy and violence still exist is symptomatic of the incredible separation and dysfunction we have in our society. And yes, the reasons are many. But in moments like this, our solution can only ever be found and rooted in love. To reconnect with ourselves, with our hearts, with one another. In community we can feel, we can express, we can support and be supported. Connection is what we most need, and it's connection that we most need to share with others. For this reason I'm inviting my own community and extending the invitation to everyone here on the Guidely platform as well to join me for a live guided breathing session tomorrow, Friday the 27th at this link The intention is to really connect with those emotions we're feeling and give them room and space to express and move through us. And our breath is a beautiful tool for that. And with that practice, to also create and nurture a state of genuine compassion and love. A state that we can then carry forward with us into the rest of our day, and let that touch those around us. When you truly take care of yourself, you can lift up everyone else along with you. I'm hoping you can join.

Posted by Tom - NeuroArkitect Guide at 2022-05-26 21:31:29 UTC