A moment of beauty I am enjoying this morning 🌱 I loved the prompt from this week’s Founder’s Friday! Thank you @Shannon and @Amir Glogau for the inspiration. This is my second round of propagation - such a beautiful process. Choosing the part of mama plant to turn into a whole new plant, seeing the little root sprout in water, grow, and become ready for a new environment of soil… I witness resilience, the subtle genius of nature, and my ability to nurture with patience, love & trust. The second photo is the view from my new patio workstation. I’ve loved this whimsical tree since I first saw her - she’s a source of inspiration for me here in the desert city of Phoenix. This workstation will be used for writing, making art, and house plant maintenance, apparently 😋 Do I have any friends here who also love to write? @Gila Nehemia and I are co-creating a group for writers to feel at home in. What would your dream writing group be like?! Let us know ✍️♥️

Posted by Hannah at 2022-05-29 15:13:25 UTC