Happy Wednesday! Sharing here a reflection from my morning journal practice as it came through VERY strongly. "You are the flow." Many of us, myself included, still operate in a field of separation, though on occasion, with practice, we experience those sips of divine timelessness, of a complete merging with what is. Where the "dancer" is no longer present, and it is only the dance itself, dancing. Athletes know this all too well as the flow state. Musicians and writers as well. Anyone truly, who deeply engages in their work and practice. But most of the time, we don't perceive it as such. There is the one doing the task, and there is the task that's being done. There is the seeker, and that which is sought. The one desiring something, and the goal desired. The separation exists only in the mind, which creates and carves out your story, your personality, a product of trillions and trillions of interactions and millions and millions of years of evolution. I would challenge you here, to take a moment, and disengage with that. Notice for a moment that all there is, is life. Life flowing. I would say, one does not "get into" a flow state. That would imply a separate being "doing" something. It's in fact a recognition of what is always there, happening. And it comes with a removal of the blinders that our egos create. There is only life happening. You are life itself, flowing. You are the one desiring, the goal itself that you desire, and you ARE the very unfolding, ALL the intricate pieces along the path and the process of the realizing of the goal. Those are all just part of one dance, one flow. You. Yes, even your story, your personality, your egoic identity is a part of that, but IS not that in and of itself, it's just a part. YOU are the flow. To paraphrase Jesus, you ARE the way.

Posted by Tom - NeuroArkitect Guide at 2022-06-01 15:06:16 UTC