👋 Happy Wednesday and welcome to June, Guidely Community! Leave your favorite emoji(s) in the comments if you're ready to cultivate a deeper level of presence within our community this month ✨ Each Wednesday, we welcome our newest community members and invite everyone, regardless of how long they've been a member of Guidely Community, to take up space in the "Introduce Yourself" thread. Please use the button below to navigate to the thread and tell us a bit about yourself, we're so excited to meet and celebrate you! Whether you're new to Guidely or you've been with us since the very beginning, it's an honor and a privilege to serve you on your journey of discovery. This community exists to meet you where you are and provide a safe space for connection, healing, and transformation. We do this by holding space for connection, hosting live events, and sharing impactful content. There is an opportunity for a meaningful interaction at every turn within this space. Our goal is to positively impact as many people on as many paths as we possibly can, while honoring that each personal and our potential for impact is unique. What is Guidely Community? Think of us as an alternative mental health app that leverages the power of community and expert guidance to facilitate personal growth and development 🦋 How is Guidely Community Different? This is an online space that draws people who are actively seeking to improve their lives, and we provide industry-leading support to each person in this space. What are the Benefits of Membership? With a free Guidely Community membership, you become part of a growth-inspired community, have the opportunity to join topic-based groups, the option to book a complimentary 1:1 Guide matching session with @Shannon, early access to our free monthly events, and daily inspiration from Guidely's gifted team of Guides. If you're open to getting even more out of Guidely Community, a Premium membership includes all of the above PLUS access to ALL of our live events, workshops, keynote speakers (June keynote announcement coming soon 🎉), 24/7 access to our proprietary Content Library, 20% off your first 1:1/group booking with a Guide and a 10% lifetime discount on guidance. If you have any questions or would like to create a personal community plan to support your unique journey, please send our Community Manager @Hannah a message request to get the conversation started! In closing, Guidely extends the warmest welcome to nearly 100 friends who've made the choice to join us in the last week. Here's to transformation! 💫 @kendallstevens52 @judimendriski6 @haywoodanita45 @jpartw23 @wbitlerjr @jerrod.bailey @sle02 @shejeansmith @trg16c @fanttravis197 @19saywhat86 @sheilavalli @mj.pinkerton @Whitney Freya @Deniseking850 @sup3389 @beenasommer @dj890245 @Robbie @hollysgolightly411 @debiebaker7 @Cre8ivedawl333 @mwaver2000 @ealasarev @amberjades07@gmail.com @magickalaragon @joefoley12 @ajake7647 @neetua911 @brenna @recon1xyz @maryannevasnelis142 @Luna-Noor Ali @loristyles1123 @publicitess @theoverthinkerr @ewapaduch @pcmassoud @rawaki @stephanie71mathews @Nolan.m58 @jkingwalton @azarshirley @jstassi @AlliMN @eunioa.a19 @bowarrow06 @matth817 @heatherfish541 @reachaliciagongora @kathieb111 @reinaoversteegen @artl8dy @ricardomartinezvel @marthatrainer3 @tammygirl2 @mgisi @jeenapeter @somila.d.alm @outarde45 @morganbrunner @Honey @jcornejo @matt_75 @spraguetiffany8 @cdunderwood44 @Heartsake @ITTyPoe @hoangnguyen01014 @Jeanne @believe14348 @tiffany.marlink @sylcouch @landonluv @Vampnoir @cindychanin @LaraKL @jessicamaddin @bullzoie @miem15 @spicyshellshell @duclae13

Posted by Guidely at 2022-06-01 19:30:31 UTC