In grief, we cry. In sadness too. But also in joy. In laughter. Tears are such a beautiful conveyor of emotion. A medium of expression, of release. Often in this society we resist the urge to weep. We deny the tears their flow. We suppress, in public, in front of the eyes of strangers, yes. But even in our families. In front of our loved ones, our lovers. But it's in those tears, in the fullness of expression, that our greatest liberation and healing occur. There truly is something magical about giving oneself permission to cry, to weep, to wail. Men especially have for countless generations denied themselves this healing, this release, seeking it in other ways, through other means, most often in the way of numbing and distracting. Left unexpressed, it leads only to further pain, wounding and dysfunction. There is need for release. There is need for true tears. There is need for real authentic expression of ones emotions. And through that, connection, and community. Our vulnerability and genuineness is what binds us closer together. I share this because it's something I know has been true for myself. And at times, these past couple of weeks especially, in the midst of feeling the overwhelming sadness our society has been experiencing, it's the only healing I have access to. But what a gift to give oneself. I hope you can do the same. Unburden yourself with that release, and let the levity that follows then move you in the right direction. Any men on this platform looking to engage themselves on a deeper level, I invite you to join the Men's Collective in the groups section. Others looking for support with their mental and emotional health, engage with me and the others in the Nervous System Regulation group. These are spaces meant for us to grow, heal, and dive deeper into ourselves, while connecting with one another and supporting each other through the process. I look forward to walking this path alongside each and every one of you here. It really is an honor and blessing πŸ™

Posted by Tom - NeuroArkitect Guide at 2022-06-03 21:17:50 UTC